DITL Mamas!

So first things first DITL means day in the life. I started a few weeks ago doing a DITL Instagram connect. I asked moms to join me on a specific date to capture as much of their life as they could on their Instagram story. All the mothers involved followed each other and gave shout outs to the other moms for them to gain followers as well. Since then more and more moms have joined and we have all had mothers reach out to us thanking us! Some say we motivate them, some say they got a new meal idea, basically anything pertaining to parenthood. Not only have myself and others helped mamas but they have definitely helped me as well! I love getting direct messages on IG responding to my DITL. For example one mama knew I was going to Target and told me Target was having a Groupon! Awesome! I’ve gotten tips on how to get rid of mastitis, tips on nap schedules, tips on getting rid of the pacifier, etc. The best part about it all is making that connection, knowing someone is going through what you’re going through. I have made so many friends through this. We would love to have you next Thursday April 27th. Head over to day_in_the_life_mamas on Instagram to join! #DITLmamas

Xo Tiffani


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