Toddler & Newborn Easter Baskets

Hey everyone! I love when I get to share my life with you! So originally I was going to get Pottery Barn custom easter baskets, and then I saw how much they were for just the lining & that they didn’t even come with the basket! I love PB don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want to spend that on an Easter basket.

I found these baskets for 50% off at Michaels craft store. They were $7 each. I absolutely love customization! I got my boys initial iron ons for $1 per letter plus I had a 20% off coupon. I used my flat iron to iron on their initials to the basket. It worked like a charm!



Here is what’s inside of Carter’s basket.

All of the eggs, dinosaurs and stickers are from the Dollartree. If you follow me you know that Carter is obsessed with his Nemo hoody. Well I found a Marshall Paw Patrol hoody at JcPenny originally $38 on sale for $7. He is going to freak when he opens it!


Is anyone familiar with Miss Fizzy’s Toy show on YouTube? We have a smart TV so I play the surprise eggs video for Carter and he is mesmerized by it. She wraps plastic eggs with play doh and opens them up and reveals what’s inside.

I got Dollartree play doh and plan on wrapping his eggs in them Easter morning.


Tanner’s basket consists of play things we got as gifts. He won’t know the difference. He will just see photos of his basket when he is older! Here is what is inside.

And here are the finished products! I hope you enjoyed this and it gave you some ideas! Happy Easter everyone!


xo Tiffani

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