Thrifty Thursday!

I used to think buying used items was gross. Then I saw how quickly my baby grew and how frequently we ruined outfits either from explosions or food etc. I started going to “mommy markets” and fell in love. I soon started going to thrift stores for DIY projects and then saw how many other awesome things they had! So now here I am with a Thrifty Thursday post;) all of these items I purchased today at the mommy market by my house. I will post again next Thursday so stay tuned! Not pictured is a talking minion and a giant transformer because Carter is currently sleeping with them in his crib!

I hope you enjoyed this post and subscribe for more Thrifty Thursday posts!

xo Tiffani

One thought on “Thrifty Thursday!

  1. Jessica Davis says:

    Great finds! I love consignment stores. Especially when I find a Matilda Jane dress for Milli or a polo shirt for Beckett.


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