Day in the life (DITL) instagram connect!

Okay so some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are DITL videos. It’s nice to see what other mamas routines are like etc. The DITL will be held on Tuesday 4/11. All you have to do is message me or DM me on instagram @t.beaston and let me know you want to participate. On Monday 4/10 at 5pm I will make an instagram message with all the participants in it. This is a great way to network and meet other mamas and maybe get new ideas for yourself as far as schedules, feed times, meals, etc. So many of you have reached out saying you’ve been in my shoes etc and I just think it will be nice to actually see what other moms are up to by their DITL instagram stories. Just record when you can on 4/11! It’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to hear from you all! ❤


xo Tiffani

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