When you’re in a slump..

I was SO excited it was May! A fresh start, nice weather, my kitchen remodel, my sister’s wedding, and vacation…SO much to look forward to. I started May 1st off by completing my workout, and was even brave enough to weigh myself. WOW I was back down to pre-pregnancy weight. I was feeling really great about myself. Then I went dress shopping for my sister’s bachelorette party. My very positive/excited attitude changed into feeling so stupid. How could I think I could go dress shopping 3 months postpartum?! How did I think I actually looked good? How am I supposed to go to a nightclub?

It was all down hill from there. I bought nothing. The days to follow I had no energy, no motivation, and just pretty much hated myself. I started beating myself up about the way I looked, my parenting, my home, you name it. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I have hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). I went and got blood work done and was praying it was off and that that was to blame for my low energy and my low mood. NOPE. Bloodwork was perfect. It was my thoughts. All me. I am the one that made myself feel this way. I just let my mind keep abusing me. I was looking at a postpartum page on instagram and saw a mom with a 6 pack 8 weeks postpartum and I felt even worse. COMPARISON IS A COMPLETE JOY KILL.

FINALLY my very sweet husband told me his mother was watching our boys and we were going on a date. He knew I needed it. I was in a hoodie and sweatpants for three days, didn’t work out, barely cleaned, and just down right felt like someone sucked all of my joy and energy out of me. That someone was me. Besides getting out of the house and being on a date with my husband I figured out how to feel better.

I thought to myself, what would I say to my friend if she was feeling like this? I would say you are THREE months postpartum, you have TWO beautiful healthy babies that were in your womb for 9 months. YOU GREW THEM. Your body is amazing for doing everything that it did during those 9 months and during labor and delivery. The way to feel better is not to sulk and then start thinking that you are horrible at everything. You feel better by continuing to strive to NOT BE PERFECT but to be the best version of yourself. Sometimes we need to be our own friend.

So here I am. I am back. Take it or leave it but this is me. This is the best version of me for today. I am not saying I am “fat” I was just unhappy with my body, and that is totally okay. We all have “those days” but we need to not let it turn into “those weeks” or those “months.” We have to nip it in the bud and not let our thoughts get the best of us. We are all beautiful in our own way and in our childrens eyes we are perfection.IMG_7606

I love me for who I am and you should love yourself too.

xo Tiffani

DITL Mamas!

So first things first DITL means day in the life. I started a few weeks ago doing a DITL Instagram connect. I asked moms to join me on a specific date to capture as much of their life as they could on their Instagram story. All the mothers involved followed each other and gave shout outs to the other moms for them to gain followers as well. Since then more and more moms have joined and we have all had mothers reach out to us thanking us! Some say we motivate them, some say they got a new meal idea, basically anything pertaining to parenthood. Not only have myself and others helped mamas but they have definitely helped me as well! I love getting direct messages on IG responding to my DITL. For example one mama knew I was going to Target and told me Target was having a Groupon! Awesome! I’ve gotten tips on how to get rid of mastitis, tips on nap schedules, tips on getting rid of the pacifier, etc. The best part about it all is making that connection, knowing someone is going through what you’re going through. I have made so many friends through this. We would love to have you next Thursday April 27th. Head over to day_in_the_life_mamas on Instagram to join! #DITLmamas

Xo Tiffani


Those Annoying Instagram Moms

Hi, my name is Tiffani Beaston and I am an annoying Instagram mom. I post way too often and use way to many hashtags. I must be attention seeking. Maybe I even have no real life friends so I need internet “strangers” as friends.

I just wanted to talk about being an annoying Instagram mom. Maybe it actually is annoying to some, but luckily there is an unfollow button to the right of my profile picture. In the past people have used passive aggressive qoutes and memes to try and bring me down. One that I remember went something like “life is too short so make sure you put up as many pictures as possible for attention from internet strangers.” Im sure I totally botched that quote but it was something along those lines. What I don’t understand is why someone would google, or pinterest a quote like that to repost. That must have taken way more effort than simply unfollowing me.

The reason I am writing this is not because I am angry or sad. It is to let other mamas going through this realize that there is nothing wrong with posting often. There is something wrong with the people that it bothers. There is something REALLY wrong with the people that continue to follow you and spend their time looking for mean memes or quotes to post. Think about it. That person literally took time out of their day to look for something negative to try and bring you down. That takes effort!

Why do these annoying Instagram moms post so often? A lot of us are stay at home moms, or moms that don’t work as much, or moms that work from home. Sometimes it gets lonely only talking to infants and toddlers. Commenting on photos, or posting a photo or Instagram story that mentions what you are going through or how your day is sparks conversations with other moms. This feels good! Its very common to want to talk with someone who is going through the same thing as you, or someone who has advice for you based on what you are going through. I am definitely not leaving out the working mom. Theres working moms who post just as often who also are looking for a connection. Motherhood is hard and it can get lonely. Instagram is an amazing platform to meet other moms. I consider a lot of moms I have “met” on Instagram to be friends!

Putting yourself out there is not easy. When I post I do it for me. That sounds silly but let me explain. There are many nights where I lay in bed and look through my old Instagram stories and reminisce. I am picture obsessed. Taking photos is probably one of my top 3 hobbies. That being said, my phone has soooo many pictures on it. So I just look at my Instagram page. I do it for others too. I like to share what I am going through to be a support system for other moms. Like I said, motherhood is hard! It is so nice to have someone to talk to that is going through the same thing or that can maybe help you out. For instance, I had mastitis and I posted about it. I got so many tips on how to prevent it and even how to treat it naturally. I posted about my postpartum anxiety and SO many moms thanked me for sharing my story because it made them feel like they were not so alone.

When I was a first time mom, I literally had no one to talk to that was going through the same things as me. I felt so alone. All of my friends that had no children pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. You always think people are going to come and visit once you have a baby, but I quickly realized that wasn’t true for me. I turned to Babycenter, and it was great. Once I realized what an amazing community of mothers there was on Instagram it was even better. I loved actually seeing what the people looked like who were sharing their motherhood experiences. I loved seeing what products they used for their babies, what foods they fed them, and especially to see that I wasn’t crazy. That there were other people out there going through what I was going through.

Community over competetion! I don’t compete with anyone but myself. A lot of moms out there may feel like the Instagram motherhood community is a comptetition. Who gets the most likes, collabs, and followers. It really doesn’t have to be like that. It can be scary. Its almost like you post a picture and then just wait to be judged. How many likes will you get, how many comments? Just remember it does not matter how many likes or comments you get. What matters is you have that photo to look back on, a memory to relive.

The point is, don’t let anyone bring you down. Instagram is what you make of it. I personally love my fellow “annoying” Instagram moms and I look forward to “meeting” more and making more friends. Remember, if someone is trying to bring you down…it is only because you are above them. This is their own problem, not yours. Keep on posting too much, you never know who you may have helped!

Love you guys!

xo Tiff

Toddler & Newborn Easter Baskets

Hey everyone! I love when I get to share my life with you! So originally I was going to get Pottery Barn custom easter baskets, and then I saw how much they were for just the lining & that they didn’t even come with the basket! I love PB don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want to spend that on an Easter basket.

I found these baskets for 50% off at Michaels craft store. They were $7 each. I absolutely love customization! I got my boys initial iron ons for $1 per letter plus I had a 20% off coupon. I used my flat iron to iron on their initials to the basket. It worked like a charm!



Here is what’s inside of Carter’s basket.

All of the eggs, dinosaurs and stickers are from the Dollartree. If you follow me you know that Carter is obsessed with his Nemo hoody. Well I found a Marshall Paw Patrol hoody at JcPenny originally $38 on sale for $7. He is going to freak when he opens it!


Is anyone familiar with Miss Fizzy’s Toy show on YouTube? We have a smart TV so I play the surprise eggs video for Carter and he is mesmerized by it. She wraps plastic eggs with play doh and opens them up and reveals what’s inside.

I got Dollartree play doh and plan on wrapping his eggs in them Easter morning.


Tanner’s basket consists of play things we got as gifts. He won’t know the difference. He will just see photos of his basket when he is older! Here is what is inside.

And here are the finished products! I hope you enjoyed this and it gave you some ideas! Happy Easter everyone!


xo Tiffani

Make it Monday

Hey everyone! I’m going to try to stay consistent with “Make it Monday.” Wether it is a recipe or a DIY I will try to post on Monday’s! There are 48 days until MDW and I am working hard to have abs by then! I have been exercising and eating healthy. I have SUCH a sweet tooth. Chocolate is life. I came up with a healthy protein packed dessert! This can be a meal or a snack. The people I have had try it are obsessed with it! Don’t be alarmed by the 400 calories. Look at the protein and other nutrients! I call this protein mousse! You will need 1 cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, 1 scoop of chocolate protein (I use GNC chocolate supreme), and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (JIF). First I put the Greek yogurt into a bowl and mix in the protein powder until it’s smooth. I add the peanut butter and stir until it’s all combined. This is delicious! It’s smooth and creamy and best of all it’s satisfying! It’s like eating dessert, but with 53..yes 53 grams of protein! That’s it! Add whatever toppings you like and enjoy! My favorite is chocolate chips & peanuts. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Xo Tiffani

Thrifty Thursday!

I used to think buying used items was gross. Then I saw how quickly my baby grew and how frequently we ruined outfits either from explosions or food etc. I started going to “mommy markets” and fell in love. I soon started going to thrift stores for DIY projects and then saw how many other awesome things they had! So now here I am with a Thrifty Thursday post;) all of these items I purchased today at the mommy market by my house. I will post again next Thursday so stay tuned! Not pictured is a talking minion and a giant transformer because Carter is currently sleeping with them in his crib!

I hope you enjoyed this post and subscribe for more Thrifty Thursday posts!

xo Tiffani

My Sister’s Head Over Heels Bridal Shower

IMG_5639Let me start off by saying my sister is my best friend. My husband is of course my soulmate but my sister is pretty damn close. We weren’t always this close, probably not until I was like 16…that’s when she started liking me. I mean you can’t blame her. I stole all her clothes, showed my mom her birth control pills, and gave her zero privacy. We have been there for eachother through everything. Sometimes when I feel like no one in the world understands me..I know she does. She is like a second mother to my boys. She adores them and even comes over every Monday just to spend time with them. What I am trying to say is that I really wanted to give her the beautiful bridal shower that she deserved. She also gave me a beautiful bridal shower & baby shower. I stayed pretty simple with the decor but wanted to share it with you.

I’ll start with the centerpiece.Facetune.jpgI got the flowers, wine bottle, ribbons, and silver glitter paper all from Michaels craft store. I printed out a shoe shape, traced it onto the paper and cut out the shoe shapes. I then punched a whole in each shoe to tie the ribbon through. They were simple and tall so they stood out. I wanted to do something thin and simple since there are so many dishes that needed to go on the tables.Facetune.jpgI always love a photobooth or photo props for any event! It’s just fun and gives the guest something to do and is also a good ice breaker for the event. Its super inexpensive and you can pretty much do whatever you want with it. Its also fun to create a hashtag so that when you look the hashtag up you have all the photos from that day. I got a foam board from Hobby Lobby and my husband cut the frame for me (he did not trust me with the box cutters). I got clip on flowers from the Dollartree and clipped them to the sides. I just free handed the writing for lack of time but I do wish I would have used a stencil or sticker letters. Live & learn.IMG_5902.JPG

As you can see there was a lattice behind us. I requested 4 of them for each corner of the room because we were not allowed to hang or tape anything to the walls at the country club. I dressed up the two lattices towards the front of the room with these pink tassels. You can also see in the center photo that I made a banner with black wooden triangles and glitter letters that I hung on the lattice of the “photobooth.” They read “#GtotheO” the hashtag for my sister’s wedding. I made some props from Michaels too!

IMG_5276 3IMG_5810.JPG

Above you can see I made a bride sign for my sister’s chair. I cut out black cardstock into a square and punched holes on the side. I used silver glitter cardboard letters and hot glued them to the paper. I used a wooden dowel to tie the ribbons to and then punched holes in the cardstock to tie the bride sign to the dowel. Hanging off the chair is the bride to be sash from Hobby Lobby. This was probably one of my favorite things. I told everyone that these crafts took place of my girl nursery crafts since I have two boys lol. I had fun doing it.

You can also see a banner in the background. I got these wooden banner shapes and spray painted them black. Then I used chalkboard marker and stencils to write out “head over heels.” In between the words I cut out larger heels with the silver glitter heels and tied them on with hot pink ribbon. I got picture frames from the dollar store and set out photos of the two of them. You cant really see but I had silver engagement ring confetti and spread out as well as big plastic engagement rings that I also found at Dollartree. My sister &her fiance already live together so they only registered for honeymoon gift cards so I made this cute little card box. The box was from Michaels and again I just used those cardboard glitter letters.


As soon as you walked in to your right I had a table with her invitation in a frame, a wooden O  that I spray painted with silver glitter spray paint to sign as the guestbook, as well as a frame with instructions to fill out your address on an envelope for the thank you cards (such an awesome idea to save the busy bride time). Behind the table was a lattice that I hung a banner that had their wedding date on it. I got this banner from Walmart. I also got a plain white wooden sign from Michaels and wrote out the amount of days until their wedding with permanent marker. There is a LOVE light up sign as well as a XOXO sign on the table. I had the LOVE sign, and the XOXO sign I got from Michaels around VDay. Since my sister did not have gifts with ribbons I places a paper plate along with ribbon, tape, and scissors to pass around so each guest could make her own bow to put on the hat for her. It is just not a shower without a ribbon hat!IMG_5653.JPG


The balloons were my favorite. They were the center focus and just make the bride feel special. The B and the E were weighted to give an arched look.

I am currently obsessed with letterboards! I was so excited to get this letterboard from Vermillion Drive. I use it for everything.IMG_5820.JPGIMG_5857.JPG

For favors I put together these boxes from Michaels (yes put together you even had to put together the lids I had no idea when I bought them), with stickers from Amazon. I filled them with hershey kisses and ate way too many as I was making them! The boxes were silver too but you can’t really can’t see in this photo but I did 20 silver and 20 pink and put them on the napkins on the tables.

IMG_5609 2


Instead of a cake we did cupcakes! I love them! So did everyone else. People even bought some home with them.

IMG_5654 2

All in all the day was beautiful, and the shower was a success. It felt so good to see my sister happy. She deserves the universe.IMG_5750.JPG

Also want to give a huge shoutout to my amazing husband who helped me set up, picked up the balloons, and most importantly bought me iced coffee.IMG_5858.JPG

One last thing…I am OBSESSED with the dress from PinkBlush. I want to live in it.

My next DIY adventure will be Carter’s second birthday…MINIONS!

Day in the life (DITL) instagram connect!

Okay so some of my favorite videos to watch on YouTube are DITL videos. It’s nice to see what other mamas routines are like etc. The DITL will be held on Tuesday 4/11. All you have to do is message me tiffanirose21@hotmail.com or DM me on instagram @t.beaston and let me know you want to participate. On Monday 4/10 at 5pm I will make an instagram message with all the participants in it. This is a great way to network and meet other mamas and maybe get new ideas for yourself as far as schedules, feed times, meals, etc. So many of you have reached out saying you’ve been in my shoes etc and I just think it will be nice to actually see what other moms are up to by their DITL instagram stories. Just record when you can on 4/11! It’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to hear from you all! ❤


xo Tiffani

American Cheese

“You’re doing a great job mama.” I always tell this to my fellow mamas out there, but I should have said this to myself today.

I knew having two kids wasn’t going to be a walk in the park and I was totally prepared to be up feeding a newborn all night. However, since the night I went into labor Carter stopped sleeping 7p-7a. Tanner’s feedings are honestly a breeze. He wakes up twice a night, nurses for 5 minutes and goes right back to sleep. But Carter has been waking at least once a night and stays up for a good bit before falling back to sleep. Last night he refused to go in his crib. Period. He finally fell asleep on me at 11pm, Chris put him in his crib and he woke up at 4am ready to start his day.

And then there was nap time…another nightmare. I finally let him scream in his crib for 20 minutes and he finally fell asleep. He only slept for 45 minutes, and refused his second nap. Needless to say today was a hard day for us. On top of all of the lack of sleep, this is day 5 of a bad cold for me.

I lost my patience multiple times today. I let him watch tv instead of playing outside, and best of all…since he refused his dinner, I let him eat American deli cheese for dinner.

I felt like a failure today. I kept thinking I really suck as a mom today, I was supposed to work out because this FUPA is making me self conscious and summer is coming, how do all these other blog/vlog mamas have this perfectly clean house with these perfect photos and perfect lighting with their perfect bodies in their perfect clothing while I’m over here in workout clothes, a belly wrap, and a bun on top of my head and my kid is covered in mac and cheese, and my house looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years when it was actually clean this morning?! SHHHHHH I could not get out of that mindset. I was spiraling out of control with my thoughts.

Finally my husband came home early (God bless his soul) and I took a nap. Sleep is an amazing thing. I feel a little less like a monster and more like a mother. I realized that me being so mean to myself makes for an even worse day.

I am not that blog/vlog mom with the perfect body, the perfectly put together house, the perfect photos, or the perfect life. I am Tiffani. I’m doing the best I can and my kids are happy. Comparison is a joy kill! I think I owe myself an apology because you know what? I am enough.

To all my other mamas who have ever felt like this just remember there is another mama out there who is struggling too. Feeding her kid American cheese for dinner.
❤ you got this


Jord Watch Giveaway!


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